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Denny Blackwell - Creative Director/Communication Designer

18+ years experience. Specializing in print, web & apparel design. Creative Director: Seek & Strike.

Partner/Creative Director: Be Human[e]Father. Husband. Animal Lover/Adopter.

National Bands/Artists: Designed for Green Day, lil Wayne, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Avenged Sevenfold, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Henry Rollins, PRIMUS, Bullet For My Valentine, Juice WLRD, Elvis Presley, Lil Durk, Polo G, Hand many more.

Music Industry: Worked for various major and indie record labels. Print and web collateral, social media marketing, apparel, album concepts, video editing.

Clothing Licenses: Experience with national licensee clothing brands. Providing tour/retail exclusive items and full seasonal lines. Live Nation, Merch Connection, Bravado, Merch Now, The Merch Collective and Benchmark Merchandising.

Worldwide/National Brands: Designed for Harley-Davidson, Bacardi, BudLight, Fireball Whisky, Dennis Rodman, GoDaddy, national/local nightclubs and concert venues and many more.

Reach: Apparel designs as well as other marketing collateral have been sold world wide in top retailers such as Hot Topic, Spencer's Gifts, Target, Urban Outfitters, FYE and Walmart.

Social Media Marketing: Lead creative at a digital marketing agency for one of the top whiskey brands in the US. Created social media collateral while working with internal content development and paid media teams

Get in Touch

My friends used to call me "MadDog" in college and you can too.

Drop me a line. Check out my resume. I generally reply within 24-48 hours. Maybe sooner. Let's make something cool.

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